Webinar 16 April: Business and Climate Justice – What role can business play in tackling the human rights impacts of climate change?

Jointly hosted by the UN Global Compact and the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice on 16 April 2015 at 14.00 BST, this webinar offers an opportunity to explore various ways business can respect human rights when taking action on climate change.


Considereding those people most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – poor, disempowered and marginalised communities around the world, the webinar examined how climate change undermines human rights, including the right to adequate food, water and health, as well as the disproportionate impact climate change has on vulnerable groups such as women and children. Discussions also focused on how a climate justice approach to climate action can lead to better outcomes for people and the planet.


Cooperation by all actors of society, including business, government, civil society and development agencies is crucial to effectively combat climate change on a global scale. In designing the global response to climate change the world has an opportunity to ensure access to clean energy for all and achieve equitable access to sustainable development.

The alternative, a response that creates a two tiered world with affordable, clean energy on one side and expensive, fossil fuel based energy on the other, risks leaving the most vulnerable people behind. With no other option, these vulnerable communities will be locked into carbon intensive development, depleting the remaining carbon budget and ultimately rendering a transition to a low carbon economy ineffective. Thus, a key component of effective strategies to tackle climate change must include the right to participation of vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Speakers included:

  • Edward Cameron, BSR
  • Dr Tara Shine, Special Advisor, Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice
  • David W. Rivkin, President, International Bar Association

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