Human solidarity is the key to igniting global will to act on the climate

Mary Robinson’s joined thought leaders from governments, international organisations, the United Nations, indigenous groups and civil society at the Summit of Conscience for the Climate in Paris.

Delivering a  keynote address at the Summit of Conscience for the Climate, Mary Robinson, President, Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice urged people to act together to set us on a path to a safe world. Picking up on the question of how to inspire the world to care about climate change, she said:

Human solidarity that is the key to igniting global will to act on the climate. (…) People can act together to build a more resilient world, stabilise our climate, and create an unprecedented attack on global poverty and inequality.” 

The Summit of Conscience for the Climate, that took place on 21 July 2015, gathered major moral and religious thought leaders in Paris to encourage the emergence of a “Narrative of the Consciences” to complement the ongoing work of scientists, business leader and politicians in the lead up to the Climate Agreement in Paris in December 2015. The summit invited delegates to reflect on their relationship with the planet and to ask themselves “Why do I care?” about the climate.

Reflecting on the different roles people play in acting for a solution to climate change, Mary Robinson highlighted the need for developed and developing countries to work together to find a way to a more sustainable model of developing without emissions.

Drawing to a close, she reminded the audience:

“You are not alone. There are many other individuals and organisations who are already thinking deeply about individual pieces of the climate puzzle. Women’s groups. Youth groups. Progressive businesses. Trades Unions. Grass-roots activists. In all countries, rich and poor.  I strongly urge you to build from today and reach out to all these groups.”

Other speakers at the Summit included Michel D. Higgins, President of Ireland, François Hollande, President of the French Republic, Kofi Annan, Chair of the Elders and Former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Patricia Gualinga, an indigenous leader from the Sarayaku community in Ecuador.

The Summit of Conscience for the Climate is a joint initiative by Nicolas Hulot (special correspondent for the French President), the ARC (“Alliance of Religions and Conservation”), Bayard presse (media publisher for young readers, seniors and Christians), the R20 (network of local authorities and businesses founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger), and the ESEC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council).

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