Mary Robinson interviewed on RTÉ Morning Ireland: One Young World Summit 2014

Cian McCormack talks to former president Mary Robinson and others attending the One Young World conference in Dublin.

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[RTE] Now we’re going to talk about an event which is being called a junior Davos and this is the One Young World Summit, an event where the world’s next potential leaders debate issues facing them and the world with the likes of Kofi Annan, Bob Geldof and Mary Robinson among others. The event has brought one thousand four hundred delegates to Dublin and the event is taking place at the convention centre in Dublin and Cian McCormack joins us from there. Cian, what will be happening there over the next few days?

[Cian McCormack] Well Cathal, between now and Sunday the best and the brightest eighteen to thirty year old leaders from one hundred and ninety different countries will discuss world problems and how to fix them. They’ll do that with the elders who you mentioned; Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson but they’ll also hear from former Latin American Presidents, the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, and Dr Martin McAleese. There’s a lot on the agenda including global warming, sustainable development, human rights, peace and conflict and a myriad of other issues too. The summit is in Dublin this year because the city bid for it, it beat other places like Edinburgh and Hong Kong. Bob Coggins was behind that bid.

[Bob Coggins] It’s about empowering young people to create change – taking young leaders, who have potential, and ensuring that the issues facing young people in this world are heard and identified.

[Cian McCormack] It’s also about sharing ideas between people from different places [with] different experiences, and of you course you have the Elders imparting their knowledge down [and] saying maybe this is the way we should approach the world going forward.

[Bob Coggins] Well one thing that I like and people give out about Bob Geldof, but he came to Johannesburg for One Young World and he said this is what we’ve done wrong, this is where my generation failed. What’s good about that is that he highlighted the failures and the gaps were, in order to accelerate the opportunity for young leaders to move past where the pitfalls where in order to try to solve problems quicker.

Cathal, this all sounds very impressive; one thousand four hundred people coming on people and often call our very unpopular the joint work on some early drizzle in the Congolese that they were sorry for the US have taken on issues in their local communities to have a Batchelor and fairer society and or there is just simply want to be the next one leaders Lyon bandit than many nice people in it than enough how important is that the planned some people call open to the dove off her out I e the easy like they weren’t being fights at the lake been teaching me now in Sydney later this week you receive future is a wind to now I can’t be seen to many of the kids experience and has for me to view right now the world’s IANS and from London and during a Republican yes the Unilever why you were to come to an event like this this is an important their business nowadays actually have some form of social responsibility in the community with the diverse range now worth and how that Sienna know so well we need to start to bring that to get there and then we can be their new generation to start caring Jackson CL friend rippling fired signifies in intercourse organisation even the act of the way the integration typical chase recently ran the people and three facets to fill square Inquirer ten thousand people to gather and celebrate a bottle of everything what more you hear what series and for being here it’s a great opportunity mean people who are like minded imaging similar work and I have a different way of doing at the chance to share ideas and perspectives on how to guard their land and their three children that were growing city in the NL the tune of the superdelegates like a cone Jackson and worse not travel very far south as the summer is about learning something new and making a change and insults like other about and looking at the mistakes of the pasta and building of the warrant and that’s exactly what was the first column case of Robertson founder as one of your morals in two thousand to nine she’s as the top so that the most talented people could make a difference of the warrant of today and tomorrow that’s exactly the purpose of my new world is the platform that forces the world to listen to the sea and voices but that isn’t to say that we think that is when your world that does that we know that the CIA leak is the taking of taking it into their own hands but there it seemed easy parking is double whether it’s in the streets in Hong Kong and all over Africa young people actually are on the March enjoyed in the lead on me me me the issues we figured that the more the voice is amplified and the more the change they bring is that its accelerated did it for a few when can you give me an example of St house earth comes from some of this conference the study an example that is one am with the then ambassador when you were domestic from Germany to the Hare said at a health clinic in the Amazon rain forest read a story be treated in the last eighteen months forty nine thousand people kids helped out during the summers there would be an ass work of your leaders to create positive change all over the world as I was saying the US and Iran are experienced leaders like Orpheum and fog and often Mary Robinson would be acting as cancerous and that rolled them be listening to problems and concerns are giving advice to delegates here at the Auburn in ceremony last night while gold offs talk about conflict and strife in the world party also highlights as difficulties in Africa the deal she just just begin each week because the poor the dark like that at the age is when my cell phone this woman here are husband and a bunch of us got to go there to talk about what’s happening in Africa and the great up the firms they were not dying of hunger they were dying because it normally to get through because the state until systems because it had no warning they are not dying of this filthy little virus in West Africa we are dying because unlike the Madrid attacks as they do not have the doctors the nurses the belly of Medicare we’re dying they are dying because they are poor not die in the cover of the American virus they are dying because they are poorer cerebral gathered up their joining me now this form of price and a violent and presenter of the Mary Robinson Foundation climbers daughters Mary Robinson Mrs Robinson the carrot top comes off there what’s your role came in and what’s happening in relation to a ball up I very much agree with art deco laugh it is tragic and it is shameful I know both countries I worked and helped with the government’s you really on a couple of years ago and I know Liberia very well of been there last and women peace and security issues both countries were improving and making great strides post conflict countries now they’re devastated and we are not doing enough and the UN is still saying the race is ahead of us are the Boulevard not been up there and we have to do more and we know they need more help with Dr as soon as this equipment supports transport everything they need us not just for them as we know it will spread elsewhere we don’t watch that the international community to what should have torn it seems like a very delayed we have a relation very late coming to this and it’s very very serious it’s not and leave hurting bills with a baller it’s hurting women bearing children it’s hurting the economy is taking those countries that may become fragile states again and it’s freezing the hall West Africa and it’s spreading elsewhere that and that there is more momentum and the UN has got a good ordinator and even the bar of a minor well and what countries need to offer a more in particular there are people to door there I met concern going to end their Liberia and Anne gold coin to see a really on and very glad summer is on the ground the warrants toll has been slow to respond to this crisis and Mandy of there before into something really change but that’s why I think we need these young leaders because the weather for that short of the leadership needed and my passion of course this climate justice and other fashion this morning and with their of these young leaders and some other councilors talking about the fact that there is an injustice in the way climate effects the poorest communities and poorest countries and Liberian tyranny on a good examples I’ve hurt the president of the love Liberia Ellen Johnson so relief say to me Mary and I was growing up we could predict the many seasons now and on the planet when to come I had a haircut me my roots are gonna have to tell farmers went to Seoul it’s affecting for security site grievous embark on a pretty good the real problem and climate change is aggravating poverty so we have to turn that around and then we will for us we must to clean energy we have to get clean energy to fall to the very poorest about a really as Europe for kids to work the only injuries is to change the world and how we do business and how that impacts on people’s lives and this is very timely this conference and a bloom and the light of this taking place here because the next fifteen months are vital for the world we have to sustainable development goals next appt at the camera and do it at the moment planet is one of those schools to keep the law to two degrees Celsius for a safe world and then we had to have a climate agreement by December of that is actually going to need real leadership and these young people have rights that connect at and they have from lost when they leave here at the lead as ambassadors for a year but they will take it into their lives and do something and I hope that many of them would take the climate issue because that is the big given rights issue in a world you are also a hero to hearing their concerns and maybe have them to engage change cause to think of them really possible to have a network of young leader is leaving here ER on Sunday to go out and change the warrant is that during purity idealistic God can ask how can this happen I’ve become convinced that the leadership at all levels is extremely important and here we have young leaders from all over the world to connect with each other and stay connected and to make a commitment for a year but they would do something different because they’ve been here and linked with each other and discuss with the councilors and have their voice heard it’s very important for young people to have their voice heard to have their view was taken seriously and considerate the dog is enough space for that and this is the great States and I do believe you this the fifth time that there’s been a one young world’s we’ll have a whole range of people who are former and after us who still feel that they should be doing more of a sort of justice for education for the rain forest with a brilliance and just at the moment I hope that many of them would have a focus on how we get the decisions next year for a political leader is a clip of the world on a safe course because of unsafe course at the moment and that’s really important for future generations and other species and there’s Warren’s and we have followed suit the same mistakes or for us and over again T read the whole class that can change I marched with four hundred thousand people in New York and I will sort them into life by that much there was this year as a whole and salad Ara C and energy I think a blast we realise this is about people this is about saving the world is about future generations and we have to get our political leaders to be brave be courageous be ambitious because it’s about the future Mary Robinson president of the Mary Robinson Foundation climbers chills this thank you for joining me here at the convention Santa this morning the I Corps for the encores well during the course of the Max couple of days Audrey plants on the agenda for the next few days that the one Yong warrants on us Jeff include as I was saying in a couple of times are an era of coffee a man power of the warrior striker Jimmy Wales that Martin like a leaf Bob cut off and on the money more and more rigid tell us about this the fans can be got on your own one of the enduro start calm such websites again this one knee on warrants dot com you look one of the Convention Centre in Dublin many