Global Guardians: A Voice for Future Generations

There is a moral imperative to ensure that future generations of humanity can live full and healthy lives, underpinned by the dignity and rights promised by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, due to climate change, unsustainable resource exploitation and worsening global inequality, the window of opportunity to leave a safe and fair world to future generations is
rapidly closing. In order to consider their needs, we must look upon the decisions we take today through the eyes of future generations and allow our actions to be guided by the concept of intergenerational equity. Future generations require representation if their needs are to be given consideration in today’s decision making. One way of ensuring that the commitments made to intergenerational equity in international agreements and UN resolutions are applied in practice is to provide representation of future generations under the United Nations. This document was produced in consultation with the Group of Friends of Future Generations. The Group of Friends of Future
Generations , comprising of several Permanent Representatives to the United Nations, was established following a series of meetings organised by the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice during 2017.

Download the document (pdf)