Geneva Pledge on Human Rights and Climate Action announced

As climate change negotiations in Geneva came to a close on 13 February 2015, 18 countries pledged to promote and respect human rights in climate action.

At the closing plenary of ADP 2.8, which took place from 8-13 February in Geneva, Costa Rica announced the Geneva Pledge on Human Rights and Climate Action. The pledge is a voluntary initiative undertaken by countries to facilitate the sharing of best practice and knowledge between human rights and climate experts at a national level.

The pledge was signed by 18 countries which includes representatives from Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Small Island Developing States. In recognising the injustice faced by the poorest and most vulnerable people who are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change, this diverse group of countries pledge to enable meaningful collaboration between national representatives in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the processes of the Human Rights Council. The practical and constructive initiative will help countries to better design climate action that is good for people as well as the planet.

The pledge was signed by:

Chile, Costa Rica, France, Guatemala, Ireland, Kiribati, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mexico, Palau, Panama, Peru, Philippines,Uganda, Uruguay, Samoa, and Sweden.

The closing session also saw the adoption of a new elements text which will serve as the basis for negotiations of the new climate agreement in Paris this coming December 2015. The Geneva session of the ADP was characterised by collaborative and expedient work by the Parties which the ADP Co-Chairs have termed the “Spirit of Geneva”.  The ADP will meet again in Bonn in June 2015.

The idea for the Geneva Pledge arose during the Climate Justice Dialogue that was hosted by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Mary Robinson Foundation on the eve of the ADP on 7 February.

Update: The Geneva Pledge on Human Rights in Climate Action has since been signed by more countries. More information and an up-to-date list of signatories can be found here.


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