First Climate Justice Day to take place at COP22

For the first time at a COP there will be an official Climate Justice Day on the UNFCCC Programme at COP 22 in Marrakech, on Thursday 17, November. The celebration of Climate Justice Day provides an opportunity the social dimensions of climate action to be further explored while celebrating and enhancing the spirit of cooperation and solidarity that led to the Paris Agreement.

At COP 21 in Paris, climate justice was recognised as a unifying theme around which diverse Parties and constituencies rallied to pave the way for the historic Paris Agreement. In embracing climate justice, Parties recognised that to overcome the threat of climate change, the global community must devise solutions that consider the social, as well as environmental and economic, aspects of climate action.

MRFCJ are hosting a high-level dialogue to mark the first Climate Justice Day at COP on Thursday 17th November. Setting the scene for the Climate Justice Day celebrations within the COP, the high-level dialogue will offer a space to share examples of integrating human rights into the implementation of the Paris Agreement, as well as good practise in supporting people centred approaches in climate action.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) will host an event – Human Rights in the Paris Agreement—Translating Words into Action on Thursday 17th. The implementation of the Paris Agreement provides opportunities to tackle climate change while promoting rights of local communities and those most impacted. This event will discuss how environmental, development and human rights actors can work together to reduce emissions, increase resilience and make progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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