EU FEMM Committee adopts draft Report on Women, Gender Equality and Climate Justice

The Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice welcomed the adoption of the Draft Report on Women, Gender Equality and Climate Justice by the European Parliament Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) on 04 December 2017.  This report was informed, in part, by a hearing in late April 2017, which brought together women’s voices from across the globe.  both Mary Robinson and Jannie Staffansson of the Artic Council spoke at the hearing, which was chaired by Linnéa Engström, on the indispensable place women and indigenous voices had in combating climate change. The hearing particularly focused on the disproportionate ways in which women and girls are impacted by climate change, and the ways in which they are “not victims, but increasingly agents of change” in their communities and on the wider international stage, as Mary Robinson stated. The draft report will be discussed by the EU Parliament later this month, and the Foundation stresses again the need to listen fully to women’s voices at every stage of policy making and implementation. As the draft report will be the first on climate justice to be voted on by the European Parliament, the Foundation hopes that the EU will continue to give good leadership on women’s empowerment in 2018.

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