Better lives, smaller footprints: Tara Shine speaks at IIED Side Event at Rio+20

Foundation Head of Research and Development, Dr Tara Shine, was a panellist at the International Institute for Environment and Development’s (IIED) Fair Ideas side event at Rio+20

The event presented insights from IIED’s Fair Ideas conference, held over the previous two days, and examined how the sustainable development goals (SDGs) could be designed to work most effectively.

Other members of the panel included; Camilla Toulmin, Director, IIED; Ambassador Gyan Acharya, Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations and Chair of the Global Coordination Bureau of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and; Heather Grady, Vice President, Foundation Initiatives, Rockefeller Foundation.

The panellist presenters brought their insights, from a range of themes and perspectives, to shaping the SDGs from the ground up.

Dr Shine told participants that “Rio+20 must be solutions oriented and focused on meeting the needs of the vulnerable. This includes providing access to energy to the poorest, empowering women and creating a new narrative for change based on justice and equity”. She continued by commenting that “we cannot use the current financial and economic crisis as an excuse not to act; it should be our motivation for ambitious and urgent action on sustainable development”.


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